Editor's & Reviewer's Guide

1. A manuscript is submitted to the Chief Editor and the KSME office by the online submit system.

2. The Chief Editor handles all correspondence with the author(s). Submitted manuscript that does not
    follow the Author's Guide can be rejected to be resubmitted after revised.

3. The Chief Editor allocates it to an Associate Editor. The Chief Editor can allocate it to him/herself.

4. The selected Associate Editor chooses 3 qualified referees to review the manuscript. The Associate
    Editor him/herself may act as a referee.

5. The chosen reviewers should check the Reviewer Invitation as Acceptance or Decline.

6. If the reviewers accept the Reviewer Invitation, the reviewers who are always anonymous should
    examine the manuscript and report the review result within 6 weeks from the date of the initial review
    request or designated date.

7. Based on the reports, the Associated Editor makes a recommendation to the Chief Editor whether the
    manuscript should be accepted, rejected, or needs to be returned to the author(s) for major revision,
    minor revision.

8. Based on the recommendation of the Associated Editor, the Chief Editor sends a decision letter to the
    corresponding author.

9. Manuscript needing revision will be returned to the author. The author(s) must submit a revised
    manuscript via the online submit system within a month.

10. The Associate Editor who handled its initial submission deals with the manuscript with major revision
      and sends it to same reviewers or him/herself to check the revisions. But, the manuscript with minor
      revision can be handled by the original Associate Editor or the Chief Editor to check.

11. Final Decision by the Chief Editor is made within 3 months from the time of the initial submission. But it
      depends on the time spent for review and revision.

12. Publication date will be notified to the author(s) after the final version of manuscript is uploaded and
      accepted by the Chief Editor.

13. Manuscript editor checks the sentences of the accepted manuscript and makes Galley Proof.

14. The members of the Editorial Board give valuable advises to the Chief Editor or the Associate Editors
      for better publication.

15. Information which is not appeared in this regulation will be determined at the editorial committee.